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River Blindness

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“In the beginning I was so upset, I thought of killing myself… But I prayed to God. I trusted Him. He guides me.”

They come from a grandmother named Therese. She is afflicted with a terrible parasite that causes River Blindness. But it gets worse. Her three year old granddaughter, Davina, may already be infected too.

She explains how it began: “I remember my skin started to itch so very much. It was awful. At some point I started to have problems with my left eye. My vision got poorer and poorer. It was aching and watering. I went to the local doctor and he said, ‘you’ve got many parasites in your eye’.

Therese knew from others in her village that she’d been infected by a black fly at the riverside. The parasites bred inside her, spawning worms, which heaved and wriggled under her skin…

All the way through her body, into her eye.

Sadly, it was too late for Therese. The worms had already reached her eyes. And today she lives in total darkness. You can see why her every thought is for her granddaughter now.

Therese is concerned that that the worms will infect her granddaughter Davina and that she too will go blind. Her only hope is medicine that kills the worms while they are babies. The good news for Davina is that it is free. And when you donate, we can get it to her and other children in time.

It also means that your $25 will reach SEVEN TIMES as many children with this sight-saving medication… before it’s too late.

Right now, we can still reach children like Davina with medicine to kill the worms

Donate now to stop children and adults from going blind. YOUR DONATION WILL BE MULTIPLIED BY 7.