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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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River Blindness

The only thing you can see without sight is love

You can help save children from the unspeakable pain of River Blindness…

(And your gift will be multiplied 7 times)

I want to tell you what love looks like when you can’t see.

It looks like eight year-old Jean guiding his grandmother, with the lightest touch of his little hand on her shoulder, under a tree branch, so she does not hurt herself.

In the same way that Jean helps his grandmother Berthine, he needs your help. 

Berthine is blind. And because she can’t see anything, she needs someone to guide her.

That person is often one of the smallest in the family – like Jean. He leads his grandmother around the village using a long stick as a guide. Under trees, to the toilet, away from snakes…  This means that he misses out on going to school, learning, playing with his friends…
Have you heard about River Blindness? It belongs in horror stories.

First Berthine’s skin started itching. “It got worse and worse, and became unbearable, “Berthine remembers. “Then I discovered those nodules under my skin – here and there.” She points to her shoulder and waist. 

The nodules were clusters of worms, wriggling under her skin, heading for her eyes.

And the worst was yet to come. Berthine’s vision got worse and she went to her local clinic. “They said to me ‘your eyes are almost dead’. And so I became blind.”

But the baby worms can be killed with simple medication. And we receive it for free!

In fact, that’s the real tragedy for Berthine – if the medicine had reached her village in time, her sight would have been saved. You can see why we need your help to distribute it as widely s we can, to save people from the horror of this awful disease.

And that’s why it’s important that you help us now, so that your donation will go SEVEN TIMES further to reach children in danger of going blind…

Children like Jean… “I fear for my grandchildren,” says Berthine, with despair in her voice. “I pray for my grandchildren because I know this disease can also affect them … You have to have eyes.”

When you hear Berthine’s desperate prayer for Jean, it reminds me of the Bible verse: “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.”

It’s as if this passage from Matthew 6:22 was written with Berthine in mind, when she says, “You have to have eyes”. She means that, in Africa, sight is necessary for life… And is there anything more valuable than the life of a child?

To save children like Jean from blindness, we need your help – and your vital $25 donation today. Or if you can give as much as $50, it can be multiplied to become a sight-saving (and perhaps life-saving) $350.

For Berthine, it is too late. She has just one hope now… “I ask God to bless my grandchildren,” she says with sadness. “They should not have to face the same fate as me.”

It’s all any of us wish for our children and grandchildren.