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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Miracle Of Sight - Cataracts

Celebrate Easter by giving a child a brand new life through the miracle of sight

Every Easter, that’s what we celebrate when we gather with our loved ones. That’s what Jesus offered us when He rose from the dead.  The awe-inspiring miracle of Easter. New Life. Hope. Freedom.

What better way to celebrate Easter than by sharing new life, hope and freedom with those less fortunate than ourselves?

Titus, a pastor and father of three, living in a remote village, knows all about this – thanks to generous supporters like you.

Titus and ALL three of his children – Tohinoase age 7, Ifeoluiou age 5 and Jesunifemi age 3 – suffer from hereditary congenital cataracts. The three children are almost blind and Titus has only a hint of peripheral vision.

It’s hard enough for Titus to do his job as the pastor of a large congregation with barely any vision. But he and his wife Rachel also have to raise three energetic, inquisitive children who require help with virtually every daily task.

Life’s very hard for the family, and there is little support from their community.

And for the children, school is even harder.

Ifeoluiou is in Grade 1, but he cannot see the chalkboard. The other children laugh at him whenever he has to ask for help, embarrassing him in front of the entire class.

His big brother Tohinoase is faced with the same daily struggle. Both boys and their little sister Jesunifemi would like to play soccer with the other kids, but none of them can see the ball. So they sit on the sidelines while the others ignore or tease them.

Without sight, these precious children have a bleak future.

This Easter, we can offer the miracle of new life, hope and freedom – to a child living in poverty. A child facing a lifetime of blindness.

And with your gift, you can also help them overcome another challenge: getting to and from the hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately the poorest of the poor often cannot afford the bus fare to the hospital for surgery. Your gift of $20 will help somebody like Titus and his children to get safely to hospital for life-changing surgery.

Or your gift of $35 can help to restore the sight of a mom or dad like Titus. This will benefit not only him but his entire family.  This simple 12 minute surgery can restore the sight of a mom or dad, like Titus and change their life forever

Your gift today of $230 will give sight to a child faced with a lifetime of darkness. Cataract surgery for children costs more than for adults because the process is more complex. It includes general anaesthetic to stop them wriggling and closer monitoring overnight. This surgery will change the life of a child like Jesunifemi, or one of her big brothers, forever.

Will you respond today?

Jesus knew the blessing of sight – which is why he healed so many from blindness during his time here on Earth.

Thousands of children and caregivers are facing a lifetime of darkness. Your gift today can give them a new life.

That’s what happened to Titus and his three children. Thanks to donations from generous cbm supporters life you, they were all given sight-restoring surgeries and can now see clearly.

Now the children have big dreams for their futures. Tohinoase wants to be a pastor like his dad and Ifeoluiou wants to be a doctor so he can help others to see. As for little Jesunifemi, she’s so excited to finally see her mother’s face clearly for the first time that she cannot sit still.

“Thank you for this hospital” says Titus. “Thank you for your friendship. I pray that you will be able to help many more people. There are so many people like us who have cannot see and cannot afford surgery.”

What a meaningful way to celebrate Easter; by blessing children and their families with the miracle of sight.

After all, this is when we celebrate the biggest miracle of all; Christ’s triumph over death. Hope overcoming despair.

Together we can turn darkness into light.