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The glare of looking through cloudy cataracts makes daylight painful for Sudip.


Sudip was just a toddler when cataracts began to grow in his eyes. Daylight started to hurt his eyes as his lenses grew cloudy … until he could no longer see the faces of his mother and father.

It became too dangerous for Sudip to walk to school on the steep mountainside path, always in danger of slipping and falling into the valley far below. So Sudip stayed at home in the darkness, sinking sadly into a lonely life of blindness.

Our field partners from the highly regarded eye hospital in Nepal held a vision camp in Sudip’s remote alpine valley. Fortunately for Sudip’ his teacher told our partners about the little boy who cried at the pain of daylight and introduced them to Sudip and his family. He now has the opportunity which his parents could never afford – expert cataract surgery to replace his cloudy cataracts with clear new disks.

The glare of looking through cloudy cataracts makes daylight painful for Sudip.Sudip would love to see his mother’s face again.Unable to see properly, Sudip is always left out. 

But Sudip is in a race against time, because if blindness in children is not treated early, the brain can start ‘forgetting’ how to see.

Thanks to cbm donors Sudip now has hope. During 2017 we will take you on the journey of his medical intervention from tightly shut eyes to protect himself from the painful glare of cataracts clear vision and transformation of his life and future.

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