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Transform the life of a child living in poverty with a disability
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Please pray with us for people like Patrick in desperate need

His Bible is sitting in a tiny mud-brick room near his wooden stool. There is a stack of dusty old Christian magazines by its side. Patrick cannot afford much because he lives in extreme poverty – these are his most precious possessions. None of them have been opened for months.

There was a time when Patrick would spend the evenings reading God’s promises once he was done with his day’s work on the farm. But his blindness has taken even that joy away from him. Cataracts have completely stolen his sight. Now he can’t raise a crop to sell in the market. He can’t go anywhere without a guide. And he can’t even read his precious Bible.

Patrick’s son Shadresck says “Since he was blinded, he only sits around. He can’t read anymore. He used to love to read the Bible and his magazines…”

Patrick is completely reliant on his 16-year old grandson who prepares his meals, helps him find the toilet and to get in and out of bed. Reading aloud to him does not help, because Patrick is also nearly deaf. As a young man, he worked in a copper mine where the constant explosions damaged his hearing. Now he hardly seems to know what’s happening around him.

But Patrick says, “To see again is what I have prayed and cried for…”

People living in the world’s poorest places, who cannot afford a simple operation, can spend the rest of their lives totally blind. Unable to look into the faces of their loved ones. Unable to work. Unable even to read His Word.

Families often sink into poverty this way. Many people who go blind have to stop working. Their children and grandchildren may have to quit school to look after them. In fact, the vast majority of people with disabilities in developing countries are living in extreme poverty.

Today, your gift could restore sight to someone like Patrick, enabling him to work, to walk unaided and to read. Many people have lost hope. They have not even seen a doctor who can look into their eyes and tell them the hope-filled truth that their sight can be restored…

Your gift could help cover the cost of surgery, surgical equipment, sterile gauze, gloves, disinfectant, masks, gowns and sheets for the bed. That’s really all it takes, along with the plastic artificial lenses need to enable someone like Patrick to see again. Your gift could also have a multiplying effect. Enabling skilled doctors to train others to perform the same surgery – expanding this wonderful work in the years to come and helping many more people living with avoidable blindness.